Heating & Cooling: Weatherize + Heat Pumps

2. Install heat pump (for heating & cooling)

Learn about Heap Pump in general from this presentation for DOER.

Compare different types of Heat Pumps--duct vs. ductless, single or multi-zone from multiple sources:

3. Remember the rebates!

Alternative Energy Certificates (AECs) from MassDOER

Additionally there is an $0.01568/kWh rate reduction by Eversource if 90%+ of a home is heated by electricity (about $157 annual savings for households who use 10,000 KWH per year). Contact Eversource to change your Residential rate to Residential Heating rate, 1-800-592-2000.

3 types of Clean Hot Water Technologies

Solar Assisted Heat Pump (SAHP)

Hot Water

SAHP is also called "Indirect Solar Hot Water" or "Solar Thermal Dynamic Hot Water". It absorbs heat from outdoors and is quiet to operate.

SAHP Hot Water is an emerging technology that qualifies for solar credit.

Homeowners need to do their own research and compare.

Solar Hot Water

Clean Cooking

Induction stove

While many Lexington neighbors love their induction stove, there's definitely a learning curve as it cooks so fast! If you're curious to try a portable one:

Electric Fireplaces

Clean Drying